Intelligent operations in today’s health care landscape: Why adding digital is the key to success

The proof is in the numbers. After implementing cognitive AI solutions and other digital tools to traditional healthcare operations, clinical and non-clinical practices saw a 35% to 40% improvement in health care digital workforce use. What's more, organizations saw 30% to 40% efficiency improvements and 25% cost reduction through handling peak call volumes without additional staffing.

These drastic improvements allow employees to work the way they prefer: In a sensitive, effective nature caring for patients. In this white paper, EXL thought leaders discuss how applying automated, digital solutions to streamline processes, simplify clinical workflows and eliminate manual administrative tasks, companies can improve patient and employee satisfaction at the same time.
More so, you’ll learn how adding digital:
  • Engages the members most likely to benefit from specific programs.
  • Optimizes clinical resources’ scope of practice.
  • Improves member engagement and health outcomes.
  • Drives down health care costs across populations.

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