OR optimization playbook: How to leverage AI to bolster surgical robot ROI

The operating room is a crucial area of the health system. What happens in the OR has significant implications for patient care as well as the entire organization's financial performance.
Increasingly, ORs are outfitted with robotic surgical systems. When managed effectively, these systems can support efficient care delivery and quality surgical outcomes. However, they are significant investments — a single robot can cost as much as $2.5 million to purchase, while maintenance, supply, and leasing fees can mount up over time. To maximize the return on investment for surgical robots, hospital leaders must use a data-driven and strategic approach to optimize their efficiency. This playbook details the "magic equation" — of AI-powered automation, integrated workflows, and change management — needed to achieve that goal.

Learnings include:
  • How to leverage data, AI-powered automation, integrated workflows, and change management to drive improved robot utilization and ROI
  • A checklist of exactly what health systems need from an effective robot utilization solution
  • Case study: How Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville (Fla.) delayed spending on additional robots

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