Reliable connectivity: A prerequisite for powering AI safely + effectively in healthcare

As remote care and artificial intelligence become key strategic areas for hospitals and health systems hoping to drive efficiency and better patient outcomes, a host of considerations have emerged — from appropriate application of technology to governance and ethics. Before implementing AI-driven tools especially, some leaders are conducting a proactive first step: ensuring network connectivity for safe, secure and reliable use of budding technology.

In this white paper, you'll access insights and best practices from mobile technology experts and leadership at Driscoll Children's Hospital (Corpus Christi, Texas) on smart tactics for deploying AI in healthcare to ensure it delivers accurate information and value.

You'll also learn:  
  • The many pain points in healthcare that AI can address — if deployed thoughtfully
  • Two areas leaders should assess before implementing
  • New tech, as well as essential regulatory and oversight concerns
  • How to ensure your organization's network will support AI traffic + the role of 5G

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