Sanford Health Fargo Sterile Processing Department Achieves 90%+ Preference Card Accuracy with Tecsys Partnership

The Sanford Health Fargo (N.D.) Sterile Processing team is leading an effort to optimize physician preference cards, in collaboration with the Supply Chain and Perioperative teams, resulting in a 90%+ preference card accuracy rate. To date, they have achieved $1.4 million in savings through on-hand inventory reduction alone, not including labor and productivity gains.

With the help of Tecsys’ Elite™ Healthcare POU technology, Sanford Health has automated and systemized data capture, closed the data loop on preference card picking cycles, eliminated redundant processes and driven down on-hand inventory value.

This success story documents their journey at each step of the way.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand how an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement can increase cost savings, drive operational efficiency and reduce waste.
  • Measure inventory performance with accurate analytics and analyze real-time data using the right technology.
  • Identify the financial impact of unused materials resulting from out-of-date surgeon preference cards.

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