Six Data-Backed Strategies to Deliver a Better Care Experience at Every Step of the Journey

As healthcare organizations strive to satisfy, retain and attract patients in a competitive environment, effective engagement and communication is rooted in the details — message length, timing of appointment reminders and even tone. 

This guide provides six actionable strategies that enhance patient access, communication and readiness based on insights from more than 700 million data points collected across 650 healthcare organizations like Fairview Health Services (Minneapolis) and UW Medicine (Seattle). It also covers improvement opportunities for critical areas such as self-scheduling, rescheduling, response rates, care follow-up and referral outreach. 

Download to learn how to:
  • Implement user-friendly, self-scheduling options that significantly improve patient access to care and reduce administrative workload
  • Simplify the rescheduling process and use direct communication methods like SMS to greatly increase patient engagement and reduce no-shows
  • Gather and act on real-time patient feedback to be able to improve patient satisfaction and enhance the overall healthcare experience

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