Staying one step ahead of fraud, waste and abuse

Stay one step ahead of fraud by leveraging AI and advanced technologies.

Health plans are overwhelmed by fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, the pandemic opened the door for even more cybercriminals to find new schemes to submit improper, fraudulent claims.

Given the sheer volume, it’s impossible to pursue every instance of fraud. Health plans have launched special investigation units, with high-dollar cases as their top priority. While many lower-value cases fall by the wayside, these cases can have a broad impact on patients, quality of care and financial results.

A new white paper from Becker’s Hospital Review looks at the fraud landscape, drawbacks of current approaches to fight fraud and the role of AI in preventing fraud. This white paper details:

  • The magnitude of fraud in healthcare
  • Drawbacks of the rules-based approach used by many organizations
  • Why leading healthcare organizations are turning to AI for data protection and fraud prevention
  • Specific solutions that can reduce fraud, waste and abuse

Fraud in healthcare is only getting worse. Learn how your organization can use AI to more effectively manage this costly problem.

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