Technology and the patient experience — 10 must-reads to advance healthcare transformation

It might be cliché to say healthcare in the U.S. is having a transformative moment, but it's cliché for a reason — because it's true.

Healthcare delivery is experiencing a profound transformation. And as hospital and health system leaders work to balance in-person and remote care while navigating crisis-level staffing shortages and integrating new technology solutions, they must not overlook one facet of healthcare that has long been ripe for improvement — the patient experience.

These 10 articles comprise actionable insights for hospital and health system leaders committed to delivering a better patient experience.

Articles headlines include:

• 5 leaders on their system’s most valuable patient experience strategy this year
• NewYork-Presbyterian CXO Rick Evans: Patient experience is rebounding, but our work is not over
• A powerful way to start a medical appointment? With non-medical questions

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