The power of AI in healthcare: A leader’s guide

By now, healthcare leaders are familiar with AI's potential to alleviate documentation burden, lighten clinicians' cognitive load and streamline operations overall, but only 6% of organizations currently have a generative AI strategy in place. 

Many leaders have been overwhelmed by how quickly the technology has burst into the public consciousness and the hype surrounding it. Hospital leaders need clarity on generative AI’s risks and use cases if they’re to create a successful strategy, and apply the technology safely and effectively.

In this guide, we look beyond the hype to explore five key areas every healthcare organization should consider when developing an AI strategy and assessing potential vendors’ solutions.

Key learning points:
  • Criteria to look for in a vendor to ensure their solutions fit daily practices in healthcare
  • Crafting a responsible approach to AI
  • How to prioritize solutions that can be deployed effectively in real-world environments 


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