Three ways to improve the front-end of patient access that will drive top-line revenue

Revenue cycle management (RCM) leaders face increasing demands to improve and accelerate patient financial clearance. While many organizations turn to automation to ease these burdens, automation historically has introduced more challenges than it has resolved. Providers fear the loss of control associated with outsourcing revenue cycle processes and building in-house automation is often costly.

By unifying disparate RCM workflows through intelligent automation, providers can process claims faster with improved accuracy and response time. They can also serve a higher volume of patients without hiring more staff to support them. 

Finally, intelligent automation can drive digital patient engagement, reduce workqueue volumes, and boost revenues.

In this whitepaper you will learn:
  • Tactics for driving digital patient engagement and boost self-pay collections via intelligent automation
  • How to solve revenue growth during an economic downturn by improving the digital front door
  • Frameworks for a data-driven improvement cycle that provides structure for revenue growth

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