Using technology to improve patient safety

The Clinical Surveillance Maturity Model is a framework that aims to reduce unnecessary medical alarms and identify critical patient conditions early.

The model shows how healthcare monitoring is advancing from basic alarms to more sophisticated "smart alerts." These smart alerts utilize high-fidelity, live streaming medical devices data and consider critical patient information like demographics and test results to provide more useful warnings.

The Clinical Surveillance Maturity Model's ultimate goal is to help improve patient safety and outcomes by aligning alerts with evidence based clinical practice guidelines and using advanced technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence for better and more precise monitoring.

Key learnings: 
  • How the Clinical Surveillance Maturity Model tracks the progression from basic medical device alarms to more advanced, context-rich smart alerts in health systems.
  • What it takes to develop and adopt smart alerts
  • Why clinical trust in the smart rules is crucial for successful adoption.

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