What you need to know about the state of telemedicine in 2023 

The crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the U.S. healthcare ecosystem. But with it came the promise of remote care and the swift adoption of telemedicine.

Telemedicine allows patients to receive medical advice, diagnosis, disease management and treatment from the comfort of their homes. With 88 percent of surveyed physicians believing telemedicine increases patient access to healthcare, it is clear why it has been pushed to the forefront of care delivery.

This report examines the continued adoption of telemedicine, its applications across various specialties and healthcare services, and its effects on physician well-being, patient access and continuity of care.

    • Three of the many questions that will be answered in this report:
    • Which specialties are most likely to use telemedicine and why?
    • How often do physicians use telemedicine in their practices?
    • How has telemedicine affected patients' adherence to treatment plans?

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