How analytics drive superior payment results for patients + providers 

With inflation rising and stretched paychecks, healthcare organizations must be thoughtful about how they reach and communicate with patients regarding medical bills. 

To drive better payment results , healthcare organizations must shift to thinking of patients as travelers. Instead of viewing a fully paid balance as the fastest way to a destination, data analytics enable organizations to identify patients that may need to take a slower route, or payment plans, to pay their bills. Effective use of analytics can also pinpoint patients who would benefit most from financial assistance. 

Download this short guide to learn more about the benefits actionable intelligence provides. Key learning points: 
  • How tailoring billing statements can lead to receiving payments an average of 15 days sooner
  • How linking analytics with appropriate OmniChannel strategies for each patient increases self-service payments by an average of 6.5 percent
  • How the precise use of dynamic patient portals can generate $250,000 to $2.33 million more in additional revenue


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