How better management of patient transfers can expand revenue, improve margins

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

Leakage, Keepage & Growth: Better management of access and patient transfers preserves and expands health system revenue, refines case and payer mix, and improves systemness, all while positively impacting patient outcomes and satisfaction. Every healthcare organization is exploring ways to tackle these issues. Taking drastic action, however, may not be necessary.

Many health systems can better leverage a department they may already have—their access or "transfer" center—and address all of these opportunities. Whether with traditional fee-for-service, or increasingly prominent value-based care models, a well-run access center drives a strong financial ROI. It ensures a quick, efficient referral process for hospitals and physicians, keeps patients in-network, and drives more referrals from outside sources as well.

In this fast-paced and highly strategic discussion, you’ll learn from three experienced healthcare executives how line-of-sight to relevant data plus best operational practices will have your physicians moving patients to and through your health system like never before. It’s a model that will predictably elevate the quality of care and drive a competitive market advantage.

Learning Points:

  • The value, and how-to, of strategically increasing new patient referrals while reducing leakage of existing patients
  • How active orchestration of patient movement in and through your system improves clinical outcomes, creates systemness, and positively impacts case mix and payor mix
  • How purposefully managing the physician referral process raises provider satisfaction, and enables targeted service line growth and financial gains




john (1)

John Dailey, JD MPA FACHE

Chief Business Development Officer, George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates



Barry Revised

Barry Dennis, RN

Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, Central Logic



Darin Revised

Dr. Darin Vercillo

Co-founder and the Chief Medical Officer, Central Logic