How Brigham and Women's improved patient satisfaction in the ED


At the center of every hectic hospital emergency department are patients and their families, simply wanting to know what's going on. While caregivers do their best to provide new information as rapidly as possible, this can be a challenge.

Boston-based Brigham and Women's Hospital is working to improve communication and patient experience in the ED via the use of digital patient whiteboards. In a recent study conducted by the hospital, 96 percent of participants preferred a room with a digital whiteboard, saying that it improved communication throughout their stay and left them feeling more knowledgeable about what to do post-discharge.

Download this whitepaper to learn how the Brigham team used digital whiteboards in the ED to:

  • Display personalized, real-time education and information to patients and loved ones throughout their stay
  • Integrate with the EMR to automate clinical workflow and remove administrative tasks for clinicians
  • Customize in-room communication to increase portal enrollment, streamline scheduling, and improve care coordination

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