How Care from Anywhere Delivers Positive Health Outcomes

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Trusted relationships between patients and providers are critical to positive health outcomes. But the nature of building and growing these relationships has fundamentally changed. Today’s patients want personalized and connected experiences, whether in-person or on digital channels. Meanwhile healthcare teams face a mountain of challenges. They must connect and keep data secure, develop new integrated digital capabilities and help patients overcome barriers to care like misinformation.

Join us to learn how Nebraska Medicine and Children's Health leverage Salesforce as a complete and flexible digital platform to drive an elevated patient engagement strategy while connecting care teams, clinicians, patients, and family members to drive better experiences and outcomes, faster.

Learning Points:

  • Examine how building trusted relationships has changed in world of ever-expanding privacy concerns, new technology, and increasing barriers to care
  • Explore how to establish patient trust from anywhere with a personalized approach
  • Evaluate where engagement can be automated and AI-driven for high-touch interaction with patients


Sindhu Pandit - Abbie Engel

Dr. Sindhu Pandit

Global Clinical Lead Healthcare, Salesforce

Ann Blanchard - Abbie Engel

Ann Blanchard

Director, Patient Access, Nebraska Medicine

Julie Barrow

Julie Barrow

Senior Vice President, Network Development and Innovation, Children's Health

Jason_Martial_LG - Abbie Engel

Jason Martial

Senior Manager, Healthcare Marketing, Salesforce