How Children's Health in Dallas is reaching more patients faster

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COVID-19 has had multiple transformative effects on the healthcare industry, including elevating mental health to the forefront of the healthcare conversation. Once a taboo topic, behavioral health is now more openly discussed and approaches to treatment are rapidly evolving.

Children's Health in Dallas, one of the top children's hospitals in the country, has been a leader in virtual mental healthcare long before the pandemic. At the onset of COVID-19, the health system greatly expanded mental health access through virtual care and plans to keep virtual care programs in place through hybrid care models long after the pandemic subsides.

During this webinar, Dr. Sabrina Browne, Karen Kaighan and Jason Isham discuss how Children’s Health in Dallas leverages virtual care in the schools and communities it serves to provide better access to needed behavioral health services. Watch the webinar to learn how CMCD:
  • Adapted its school-based behavioral health program for virtual learning models
  • Quickly transitioned community clinic mental health providers to virtual care
  • Is building a hybrid (virtual + in-person) approach to behavioral healthcare
  • Plans to evolve and expand its school behavioral health programs


Sabrina Browne (1) - Margo Vieceli

Sabrina Browne, MD

Pediatric Psychiatrist at Children’s Health in Dallas & Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center

Jason Isham (1) - Margo Vieceli

Jason Isham

Director, Integrated Behavioral Health at Children's Health in Dallas

Karen Kaighan (1) - Margo Vieceli

Karen Kaighan

Director, School Health Programs at Children's Health in Dallas