How clinical asset management can be a source of stability in an age of uncertainty

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM CT

Health systems are reeling from the impact of COVID-19: at least half of U.S. hospitals are facing a staggering operating margin collapse and a significant majority of systems plan to reduce capital expenditures by up to 80 percent. Additionally, the chaos of this moment is leading to increased cybersecurity attacks, specifically targeting electronic protected health information.

As if the complications of this pandemic weren't enough, the blast radius of the virus' impact continues to grow. Health system leaders are being forced to think hard about all aspects of their organization's operational performance.

While clinical assets may not be the first item health systems consider when looking for support in the battle against COVID-19, there are hidden opportunities to leverage your medical equipment to address the extraordinary industry challenges ahead.

In this webinar, presenters will:

  • Review the current industry challenges and the unique complications COVID-19 presents as it relates to your clinical assets.
  • Conduct a deep dive into how health systems are strategically leveraging their clinical assets to help protect margin, rethinking how capital dollars are deployed for new devices and building out a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.
  • Discuss how top performing health systems are deploying next generation informatics, best practices, benchmarking and expertise to support both immediate financial recovery (OpEx and CapEx), provide nimble insight for ongoing emergency preparedness planning, and provide actionable insight into suspicious connected device behavior.



Doug Folsom

Chief Information Officer, TRIMEDX

Dave Klumpe

David Klumpe

President, Clinical Asset Management, TRIMEDX

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