How Digital Strategy Impacts Patient Experience

The patient experience has changed.

Today’s experience doesn’t start when the patient walks in the door of your hospital or clinic; it starts the moment the patient asks Google about that mole, that itch, or that sore throat…

Which is why having a strong digital marketing strategy is so important for your healthcare organization.

In the whitepaper, “Why a Strong Digital Strategy Is a Critical Component of the Patient Experience,” you’ll learn how to create that strong digital marketing strategy, so you can start giving patients the end-to-end experience they expect.

In this whitepaper, you’ll get:

  • A real-life story of a concerned father whose patient journey started on a smartphone
  • An analysis of how the Internet has disrupted traditional healthcare, from patient expectations to the way care is delivered
  • Digital marketing strategies you can use to meet patients right in their moment of need, build awareness of your healthcare brand, and increase revenue

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