How DSOs can navigate patient financing roadblocks to expand care access — 5 takeaways from dental CEOs

The cost of dental care can be prohibitive for many patients. Instead of coming in for regular care, many decide to delay treatment until their dental care needs become urgent. At the same time, dental practices must juggle relationships with multiple finance companies to help patients pay for the care they need. All of this results in uncomfortable patient conversations and added administrative burden for staff.

During a February advisory call hosted by Becker's Dental + DSO Review, a group of DSO leaders — including several CEOs — discussed current pain points related to patient financing and potential solutions. This article contains five key takeaways from the conversation.

Learnings include:

  • Why patient financing presents a challenge for most DSOs
  • Why juggling multiple agreements with finance companies creates administrative burden for staff.
  • Why staff training is essential to supporting a better patient financial experience.

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