How hospitals and health systems can mitigate the fallout of staffing shortages

Providers across the country in facilities large and small are struggling with staffing shortages. Stress from understaffing, long hours, and increasing administrative burdens have all played a part in staff burnout, turnover, and shortages-even before the pandemic. Physicians spend between a third to a half of the patient's visit looking at the computer screen instead of the patient. When physicians aren't actively engaged with the patient, they can miss critical details that could impact outcomes and the patient experience.

Many physicians have begun using virtual medical documentation specialists (MDS) in both hospitals and health systems as well as group practices. More than a scribe, an MDS is a tech-enabled assistant to the physician or nurse, leveraging automation technologies to capture real-time patient-provider conversations and convert them into precise medical documentation with appropriate context. Imagine how happy physicians could be if the documentation burden reduce time in the EHR and help manage:

  • Care Gaps and HCC reminders
  • Order tests, medications and labs
  • Work down backlogs of charting

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