How Innovative Hospitals Are Simplifying Physician Payments with Automation

The U.S. hospital industry, mobilized with unprecedented speed in the battle against COVID-19, is quickly implementing new programs, technology and protocols to treat and protect patients. However, in the wake of this response, hospitals are also grappling with a critical operational gap: How to pay their physician partners. Why? Because the processes that support physician compensation at many hospitals are inadequate and outdated. This causes operational bottlenecks, heightened compliance risk and a reduction in physician satisfaction and financial ROI.
To address these issues, many hospitals plan to invest in physician payment automation technology. But what is physician payment automation technology? How can it solve the physician pay dilemma? And why have other technology solutions, such as contract management systems, failed in this area?
In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:
  • Common barriers hospitals face in paying doctors and how to overcome them
  • The benefits of physician payment automation and how various departments, from finance to compliance to doctors themselves, can take advantage of this type of approach
  • Actionable steps hospitals can take to evaluate physician payment technology based on their specific needs

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