How is Missing Data Undermining Your Tissue & Implant Supply Chain Decisions?

Did you know that hospitals and suppliers lose up to $5 billion annually on implantable devices due to waste and ineffective supply chain processes? Why? Largely because supply chain managers and other stakeholders haven’t had the ability to see the big picture—wide data and implant lifecycle analytics.

Until now, disparate, and disconnected data created operational blind spots making cost control and efficiency unattainable.

If you want to reduce waste and recover resources, gaining 360-degree visibility is a good place to start. Software can help:
  • Identify the cost implications behind hidden data.
  • Aggregate data from across the implant lifecycle, including explants, recalls and warranty claims processing.
  • Automate processes and present key data in a meaningful way that help hospitals and health systems cut the substantial cost.
  • Make visible the information for enterprise-level strategies that lead to impressive bottom-line results.

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