How is the Revenue Cycle in Healthcare Changing?

RCM systems were designed to optimize the processing of federal, state, and commercial health care claims. In particular, with the onset of consumerism in health care; this has required the industry to be more "patient centric.” The new revenue cycle model has forced health care industry leaders to revisit the patient financial experience. In theory, health care modeled the patient experience from a clinical perspective. In the last few years health care providers have recognized that it extends far beyond the patients' care but into the challenging world of finances.
Readers will:
  • Take a journey to review the patient from pre-care, through the treatment, coordination of a care, financial challenges, and ultimately patient satisfaction
  • Recognize the linkage between health care clinical and financial systems to enhance RCM and the patient financial experience in health care
  • Understand that new reimbursement models are here to stay