How one Illinois physician group increased Medicare Advantage reimbursement

Asking for a pay cut, or trying to get less than what we're owed, is the opposite of what most of us are wired to do – and with good reason. It's natural to want our fair share, not to leave it behind.

Still, health systems around the country frequently experience inadequate payment. The complexity of the current reimbursement environment demands hospitals take a proactive approach to billing. Without a sound billing strategy for Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC), for example, large organizations can wind up leaving millions of dollars on the table every year. Most of us aren't surprised to learn this, since we know that HCCs and clinical documentation can be a headache. This whitepaper dives deep into HCC reimbursement issues and offers insights into how a 100-plus physician group in northern Illinois increased its monthly reimbursements by $160,000 with a smart HCC strategy.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Why your organization needs an HCC strategy
  • How to correctly capture HCCs in the EHR
  • What to do to ensure Medicare Advantage is a profitable part of your institution


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