Get Data-Ready for the Future of Intelligent Engagement

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Clinical care typically comprises less than 10% of the patient journey, yet health systems are woefully unprepared to guide the other 90%. Managing the longitudinal journey involves understanding the behavior of individuals, their prevalence to become sick, and what motivates them to participate in their own care. That entails a holistic view of patients, which requires a trove of clean, actionable data. Predictive modeling, audience segmentation, and claims-based insights all rely on standardized, consolidated data to hit the mark.

Alas, most health systems aren’t data-ready for intelligent engagement. Join this session to understand what it takes to overcome data fragmentation and achieve cross-departmental buy-in.
You’ll gain a firm grasp of both the challenges and proven steps to overcoming them, including how to:
  • Identify what data you need for a holistic understanding of your patients
  • Corral marketing, population health, and other stakeholders to pinpoint where required data lives and align objectives
  • Demystify the middleware “plumbing” necessary to make data actionable




Gary W. Druckenmiller, Jr.

SVP, Strategy & Innovations, Mercury Healthcare