How patient-provider relationships affect the success of your value-based care program

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Value-based care is complicated, but the key to a successful program is simple: Strong patient-provider relationships.Data analysis shows a person with a “strong” relationship with their physician experiences approximately $1,000 less in annual healthcare expenditures compared to a person with a “weak” relationship to their provider.

The status of a patient-provider relationship can clarify for value-based organizations which patients will benefit from enhanced care engagement tactics, quantifies the quality and cost impact of an improved relationship, and places the focus on the “whole-person”, and their overall experience with the healthcare delivery system.

Key webinar learning points:

  • Identify ways to calculate and measure patient-provider relationships
  • Understand the value of applying relationship strength combined with a whole person view (social and clinical) in value-based programs
  • Quantify the impact relationship strength has on cost of care + outcomes
  • Examples of how organizations are applying relationships in their value-based care programs including enhancing current attribution models


Bob Pirtle Headshot - Kristelle Khazzaka

Bob Pirtle

Vice President, Client Engagement

James Lawson Headshot - Kristelle Khazzaka

James Lawson

Executive Vice President, Business Development and Marketing