How rapid patient feedback is transforming care at Northwestern Medicine

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Northwestern Medicine, the leading healthcare system in the Midwest, is an integrated academic health system where the patient comes first. They are on a quest to make healthcare better.

Unsatisfied with common industry challenges including inconvenient paper surveys, low response rates and data difficult to analyze, Northwestern wanted a contemporary approach for capturing data — a short, modern and smart solution to managing patient, employee and physician experience consistent with its patients first mission.

Eighteen months into their journey, they've transitioned from collecting data 30 days post interaction to capturing feedback and signals in close-to-real time across ambulatory and immediate care centers, becoming nimble while driving better customer results through the voice of the patient, employee and physician. Northwestern is already seeing results, including 500K+ surveys received, over 190K comments and NPS scores over 85.

This transition to a modern experience management solution enabled Northwestern to be agile and innovative at the pandemic onset, shifting a smaller program to a robust, telemedicine model virtually overnight.

Highlighted in this session:

  • Using NPS to compare with industries beyond healthcare
  • Ability to conduct surveying in an agile and efficient manner
  • Enabling the organization to take immediate action on feedback
  • Leverage employee pulse surveys to provide leadership with key trends
  • and insights to improve employee experience
  • Reducing or closing cycle time to implement improvements more quickly
  • Using feedback to drive innovation


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Stratis Bahaveolos

Vice President, Engagement, Northwestern Medicine