How Steward Health Care prevented $16 million worth of inventory from expiration in six months

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT

Hospitals in the U.S. discard $5 billion worth of unused medical and surgical supplies every year. Why? Because it expired on the shelf.


Dallas-based Steward Health Care decided to do something about this problem and leaned on the expertise of Z5 Inventory to identify and reallocate excess supplies before they expired. Across six months and thirty-six facilities, Steward saved more than $16 Million worth of product from expiration. And they were able to donate nearly $3 Million worth of product to charity.


During this webinar, presenters will examine Steward's success and discuss challenges the organization encounter along the way.


Learning points include:

  • The steps to begin identifying supply excess.
  • How to communicate the value of similar initiatives to others in an organization.
  • The questions to ask when evaluating potential external partnerships.
  • How to connect to verified, worthy charities that will put to good use supplies that no one else will take


michael prokopis headshot - Perla Ponce

Michael Prokopis

SVP Supply Chain, Steward Health Care

Copy of Carl Headshot - Perla Ponce

Carl Natenstedt

CEO, Z5 Inventory