How to address the patient affordability crisis: 5 transformative benefits of new tech + a Geisinger case study

To combat rising out-of-pocket costs, hospitals are turning to fintech to improve cash-flow and provide a better patient experience

Hospitals are all too familiar with the patient affordability crisis. Patient responsibility has more than doubled in the past 20 years and is expected to double again within the next ten.

Still, too many hospitals rely on in-house teams and traditional patient financing solutions that simply don't work. Not only do these programs strain internal resources, but they produce a poor patient experience while bringing in only 15 to 35 cents on the dollar on average for patient responsibility after insurance. With the right solutions and financing options, hospitals can increase collections while at the same time taking debt off their books without recourse.

This whitepaper contains:
  • An overview of the patient affordability crisis by the numbers
  • Five ways to transform patient affordability
  • How Geisinger used fintech to boost collections by 80 percent

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