How to create an effective cost reduction strategy and achieve non-labor cost savings in the age of COVID-19

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience.

In this webinar we discuss proven strategies — from over 20 years of cost savings success and lessons learned — for your hospital to take a deeper analysis into supply and purchased service spend in order to benchmark, identify and achieve greater cost savings in 2020.

We address the following questions and topics:

  • How the COVID crisis is accelerating the need for cost reduction within your hospital and how to approach your cost structure with innovative approaches.
  • Why building a non-labor cost savings strategy is critical to avoiding labor reductions.
  • How to create a cost savings strategy within 14 days that is aligned with your hospitals mission.
  • The Cost Savings Star Performance of Excellence.
  • Why managing costs is better than one time cost savings events.
  • What are the areas of immediate opportunities for cost savings and how to prioritize and achieve.
  • What are the effective resources your hospital can utilize to support your cost savings initiatives that will guarantee success


Lisa Miller, MHA

Healthcare Financial Consultant, Founder/CEO, VIE Healthcare Consulting



Richard Dormer, MHA

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, COO, VIE Healthcare Consulting