How to Create Customers for Life: The Healthcare Access Edition

Featuring retail-oriented strategies to transform the patient experience.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Companies like Amazon and Uber have set a high bar for customer experiences. It’s no surprise that today’s health care consumers expect the same type of seamless experience when interacting with their healthcare providers. They expect the industry to adapt retail-oriented strategies and provide consumer-driven services throughout the continuity of care. For health care organizations operating in this evolving marketplace, success is not just about being the “best.” It is about developing new access strategies to meet the needs of the “whole” patient and delivering an effortless experience that delights the health care consumers’ expectations.

This upcoming webinar facilitated by Envera Health, an engagement services partner committed to advancing consumer-driven care and creating customers for life, will introduce a collaborative partnership of physicians, health systems, pharmacies, and health plans who are aligning on promises, processes and experiences to better serve their customers and provide access to their patients.

Learning points:

  • Understand how marketing can become as a change agent in developing access for consumer and impacting business-driven healthcare initiatives
  • Prioritize audiences and understand the strategic value of access initiatives across all your audiences
  • Foster greater collaboration within a broader network to optimize programs and expand capabilities
  • Create seamless, one-touch access points, greater convenience, and ease of use for obtaining health services
  • Support the redesign of the care delivery model to drive a new level of clinical innovation, contain costs and improve access
  • Build proactive loyalty with more integration across various access points and make it easier to tend to consumers healthcare needs.