How to Embrace Population Health Management: The Story Behind 7 Innovators Pioneering Value-Based Care

Hospitals and health systems spent billions during the first wave of EMR innovation, but leaders now know EMRs aren't the sole answer to developing and maintaining an efficient, effective value-based care delivery system. Forward-thinking healthcare leaders now see a more fundamental need for patient centered solutions that make more effective use of patient and caregiver data inside and outside of healthcare facilities. To truly impact patient health, healthcare providers must turn data into meaningful actions and lead the transformation.

In this eBook, we highlight how seven value-based healthcare innovators are embracing value-based care and share their successes, in particular with Health360, a CRM-powered, cloud-based Population Health -solution.

Learn how today’s healthcare organizations are leading the industry’s transformation to value-based care and are achieving:

  • Improved performance, outcomes and patient well-being
  • Greater care team efficiency
  • Personalized quality care at lower costs


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