How to engage patients through consumer health trends in 2022

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Patients are demanding a better healthcare experience akin to what they find in other industries like retail. This trend was accelerated by the pandemic, which elevated the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.
Whether it’s an expectation of top-notch customer service, more personalized engagement with their physician or technology-enabled, self-management tools, patients are willing to switch providers and pay a little extra to protect their health.
Understanding the evolving consumer mindset, which has lost some trust in our healthcare system during COVID-19, and how to address their changing needs with innovative primary care services are strategic priorities for organizations looking to attract and retain both patients and physicians.
Join the webinar to learn:
  • How consumerism, fueled by the pandemic, has changed expectations and behaviors of patients.
  • The types of desired interaction, information exchange and digital tools influencing the healthcare choices of discerning patients.
  • How the MDVIP practice model delivers the personalized customer experience and enhanced engagement that patients value.


Shep Dunlevie_1x1 - Molly Traverso

Shep Dunlevie, MD

Internist Affiliated with MDVIP

Babbeth Saunders-Fowler_1x1 - Molly Traverso

Babbeth Saunders-Fowler

Manager, Practice Operations, MDVIP

Chris_Lillich_1x1 - Molly Traverso

Chris Lillich

Chief Marketing Officer, MDVIP