How to minimize physician burnout and optimize revenues: 6 lessons from Scripps and Monarch Health, a part of Optum

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened existing financial, physical and emotional burdens on physicians nationwide. Some physicians charged with caring for infected patients experienced greater physical and cognitive loads, while others, such as surgeons and office-based primary care physicians, experienced plummeting patient volumes and revenues.

Healthcare organizations must implement a comprehensive approach to support physician well-being and help alleviate these stressors. This white paper outlines six main strategies Scripps Health and Monarch Health, a part of Optum, are using to support their physicians, including responsive staffing models, peer support mechanisms and real-time analytics.

Key learning points:
  • The main issues behind physician burnout
  • Effective ways to address emotional and financial stress
  • How to apply pandemic lessons to the future healthcare operations

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