How Torrance Memorial Medical Center

streamlined care and optimized ED utilization

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CT

Patients with high rates of emergency department utilization are often affected by numerous conditions that make care coordination difficult, such as behavioral health disorders. For these patients, providers must ensure the care delivered is consistent and appropriate. Emergency medicine physicians David Presser, MD, MPH, and Gina Sulmeyer, MD, discuss how Torrance (Calif.) Memorial Medical Center improved care for patients with chronic pain, substance use disorders and other behavioral health issues with an interdisciplinary care coordination team and a technology solution designed to track patients with high ED utilization.

Drs. Presser and Sulmeyer will share:

  • How administrators can establish successful mentor programs and strategic partnerships to promote ED optimization
  • Methods to improve tracking and care of patients with complex needs, which yielded a median reduction in visits-per-month of 52 percent
  • Best practices for joining and implementing a care coordination network
  • Strategies for optimizing collaboration software to address multiple challenges—including workplace violence



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