Identify the ROI: How hospitals can achieve sustainable innovation in an era of uncertainty

Many leaders of America's health systems are walking a fiscal tightrope with their organization's long-term viability balanced on their shoulders. Margins are thin and the stakes are high. Enter value-based care.

While many experts argue healthcare's traditional fee-for-service payment models have contributed to the nation's ballooning healthcare cost crisis, transitioning to value-based models brings its own challenges — challenges that can only be met with innovation. However, with limited resources, hospital leaders have to be savvy investors when it comes to innovation. Each piece of technology or new process must be integrated with a tangible ROI in mind.

During an executive event sponsored by Philips at Becker's 8th Annual CEO & CFO Roundtable in Chicago, hospital leaders gathered and engaged in a discussion about current barriers to innovation and how providers might overcome them. This white paper is based on their conversation.

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