Improve your bottom line without impacting patient care

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm CT 

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are in a constant struggle to continuously reduce their supply costs without impacting patient care. The last thing they typically think about is how much they are spending on direct shipments to their facility from vendors.

Freight fees have become a profit center for many medical product suppliers. Direct shipments, especially overnight deliveries, often come at a hefty freight expense that’s typically higher than the market average

Freight management has been around in the hospital market for many years but is still a relatively new concept for ASCs.  Over the last few years, more than 2,000 ASCs have begun working with a freight management provider, where they save on average 30-50% per shipment.

Find out how you can stop overlooking freight spend and see an immediate impact to your bottom line. Join us, so you can better understand how to:

  • Explain the ins/outs of freight management
  • Calculate the amount of savings you could be saving on shipping
  • Identify key elements of strong freight management program