Improved access is only one piece of the health outcome puzzle

Thursday, February 17th, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

We’ve witnessed a seismic shift in the way we think about healthcare over the past couple of years. The traditional silos that care solutions have been bucketed into (mind, body, etc.) are a fixture of the past. Patients and paying organizations alike are shifting towards a more integrated way of delivering healthcare that improves outcomes for the body and mind — ideally within one ecosystem and along one care journey.

A host of solutions have ridden this wave in the past year, hoping to join the future of healthcare — but often with little proof of clinical success. Before we schedule the ticker tape parade, we should evaluate and ask ourselves some hard, and important questions: Can these solutions actually deliver an integrated care journey for patients, outcomes, and a return on investment?

The future of healthcare is no longer about an app that offers people better access to therapists or any physical health provider. It needs to go further than improved access. The future of healthcare must include a new model of disease management built from the ground-up to treat the body and mind, rather than the ineffective conjoining of point solutions so many whole health solutions settle for. Join us to learn why:

  • Improving access to healthcare providers doesn’t directly equate to better clinical outcomes
  • Whole health solutions need to be built from the ground-up to achieve the desired goals
  • This approach delivers better clinical outcomes and save paying organizations essential dollars


Patrick Carroll - Daniel Gest-1

Dr. Patrick Carroll

Chief Medical Officer

Gretchen Zimmermann - Daniel Gest

Gretchen Zimmerman

Head of Cardiometabolic Disease

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Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer