Improving Clinical Efficiency & Care Quality With Longitudinal Patient Insights

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Fragmentation of patient data across IT systems is a key barrier to achieving efficient, high-quality cancer care. In addition, patients are now living longer with cancer than ever before, and accumulate longer medical histories over that time. It can be very difficult and time-consuming for clinicians to navigate and make sense of all this data, and coordinate care across the multidisciplinary care team. This leads to clinical, operational and financial inefficiencies and places additional burden on already overwhelmed physicians. Learn how a new digital solution helps address these challenges by providing quick access to actionable, longitudinal patient insights at the point of care.
Learning Objectives:
  • Outline common challenges oncologists face when managing complex patients
  • Discuss how technology can help oncologists and care teams work more efficiently and effectively across the care continuum
  • Provide a brief demo of a new digital solution that can help improve clinical efficiency and patient care in the clinic, the hospital and beyond


Dr. Ernie Lo (1) - Sarah Simon

Ernie Lo, MD

Senior Medical Director, Roche Information Solutions