Improving Prescription Decision Support with RxBenefit Clarity

While many patients face the reality of high deductible insurance plans, they also walk into the pharmacy with no perception of what they might pay. More than half of patients will abandon their prescriptions when they cost on average $125 or more, endangering their health. Last year, CoverMyMeds partnered with RelayHealth to launch RxBenefit Clarity, a real-time benefit check solution that provides health care providers and their patients with medication cost at the point of prescription within one of the largest EHRs.

Between March 2018 and January 2019, over 120,000 health care providers used RxBenefit Clarity to generate over 108 million transactions with 97 percent price accuracy.


In this case study, read about:

  • The various options health care providers can give patients by leveraging an open network of EHR systems, pharmacies and health plans such as cash price and medication alternatives
  • The decreased time-to-therapy RxBenefit Clarity provides by flagging and resolving roadblocks such as prior authorization early
  • Solution optimizations that have expanded program reach


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