Innovative care models increase patient loyalty

With the rise of consumer-directed healthcare, discerning patients want choice and are expecting a higher level of service, including more quality time with a physician and less time in the waiting room.

When their experience in traditional, volume-based medicine falls short, they seek care elsewhere, often outside your hospital system. This is why investigating an innovative primary care model is a valuable strategy to address increasingly savvy patient needs in order to retain current customers and attract new ones.
Key learning points: 
  • Consumer demand for preventive, personalized primary care is growing exponentially, both within your existing patient population and in the communities you serve. Partnering with MDVIP to integrate our membership-based model creates a new entry point that differentiates your system in the market and gives you a competitive advantage.
  • MDVIP’s enterprise solution diversifies your offerings and your revenue sources. It generates a consistent revenue stream that’s currently unrealized and not primarily dependent on insurance reimbursement, while redistributing patients within your system to offset practice subsidies and retain downstream income.

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