Insights from Amwell’s 2021 Survey of Health Plans, Hospitals and Health Systems, and Clinicians

With telehealth here to stay, healthcare leaders are rethinking the role it will play in care delivery and their long-term strategy. What factors and priorities are they weighing? What do they envision for the future?

To shine a light on how stakeholders across the industry are driving the evolution of virtual care, Amwell teamed up with HIMSS Analytics to ask senior executives at hospitals, health systems, and health plans across the country about their post-pandemic strategy and their planned investments in telehealth. To keep them honest, we also surveyed front-line clinicians caring for patients in a broad range of practice settings.

The findings suggest that telehealth is entering a critical new phase. As healthcare leaders take stock of the telehealth experience of the past year, the focus is shifting from pandemic-fueled expediency to a “smart-growth” mindset that prioritizes consolidation, integration and purposeful central planning. Based on their insights, we’ve identified three key themes that will define this new phase and the future of virtual care.

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