Intentional agility: Preparing your organization for indefinite uncertainty

In this time of uncertainty, thriving health systems are moving quickly and acting intentionally. They are adapting and innovating because they must. Think about what you were able to overcome and achieve in the last six months that you could not have imagined doing even a year ago. This is a watershed moment that will reward those who prepare with a point of view, respond methodically to challenges and crises and proactively organize to improve their organizational agility. Intentional action today enables you to quickly and successfully navigate an environment where decisions must be provisional and disruption comes from every direction.

This whitepaper offers leaders an approach for developing “intentional agility”— the capability to move through a rapid cycle of strategy, change management and execution — in order to adapt and thrive amidst uncertainty.

Key learnings include:

  • How to advance the critical elements of intentional agility
  • What has worked well for progressive health systems
  • Diagnostic questions to assess your organization’s agility


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