It's time to make life easier for ED clinicians — Here's how

Supporting clinician well-being has been a long-standing challenge in healthcare, with high rates of dissatisfaction and emotional distress driven in large part by an excessive administrative burden primarily associated with EHR. Emergency department clinicians already have incredibly taxing jobs, and too often the technology they rely on doesn't make their lives any easier.

COVID-19 has only made clinicians' lives harder. Adequately supporting clinicians in the ED will require a multitude of resources, support services and initiatives to eliminate inefficiencies that have lingered far too long in their workflow.
In this whitepaper you will learn:
  • Strategies to mitigate clinicians' administrative burden in the ED while reducing costs and improving the patient experience.
  • Use cases from forward thinking organizations leveraging scribes, hospitalists and telehealth to ease the overload on ED clinicians.
  • How to support clinician well-being in times of crisis.

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