Day 1: Elevating the Patient Experience

November 6th, 2018

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Elevating the Patient Experience

Discover how IT solutions play a key role in elevating patient engagement and bolstering the patient experience in today’s consumer-driven care landscape, with a focus on both in-hospital and virtual care initiatives.

Learning Points:

  • Identify the challenges faced by healthcare organizations as they deploy technology to help elevate patient engagement during in-hospital/clinic experiences, as well as how to improve experiences during virtual health or telehealth visits
  • Understand the importance of having IT support health delivery organizations as they work to bolster quality measures and improve the patient experience before, during and after an inpatient stay or outpatient procedure
  • Hear firsthand accounts from leading healthcare IT experts about how to blend systems and leverage technology to improve patient experiences, patient engagement and care outcomes

November 6th Activities:

  • Interview with technology expert on “Leveraging IT to Support Improved Patient Experiences – Within the Hospital or During Virtual Care”
  • Tips for enhancing care and empowering and educating patients
  • Webinar from 1-2pm CST discussing “Best Practices for Leading Hospitals in Deploying IT to Improve Patient Experiences During Virtual Care”

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