Day 2: Advances in Care Collaboration for Improved Outcomes

November 7th, 2018

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Advances in Care Collaboration for Improved Outcomes

Explore best practices for improving clinical workflow productivity, achieving reliable and secure clinical experiences, and engaging care teams in remote patient care.

Learning Points:

  • Understand the current care collaboration challenges today’s healthcare organizations face
  • Discover the latest IT advances in care collaboration and their impact on care delivery
  • Learn about the role of VDI in care collaboration, and how hospitals embrace this technology to achieve cost and care efficiencies 

November 7th Activities:

  • Interview with technology expert on "The Future is Now - How Advances in VDI and other Technologies Enable Anytime Data Access for Care Collaboration that Drives Improved Outcomes"
  • Tips on extending the vision of virtualization to support patient care
  • Webinar from 1-2 pm CST discussing "Healthcare Workplace Transformation for Clinicians and Knowledge Workers" 

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