Leveraging Analytics to Hedge Against Uncertainty

As the fate of the ACA hangs in the balance, leading healthcare executives have come together to share how their organizations have mobilized their workforce to wrangle uncertainty. By taking an enterprise approach to labor management and utilizing predictive analytics to forecast future staffing and scheduling needs, these organizations have been able to eliminate a lot of the guesswork that plagues managers and directors. Labor management strategies discussed in this paper offer cost-savings to organizations while maintaining high-quality patient care.

Leaders from The University of Kansas Hospital, Hackensack Meridian Health, and WellStar Health System share their strategies for success, including how to:

  • Increase fill rates while decreasing floating and last-minute recruitment
  • Create a synergistic and mutually beneficial relationship between nursing and finance
  • Develop a sense of purpose behind initiatives, so individuals do not lose sight of how the everyday decisions they make affect the organization and patients

The time to be proactive about workforce management and labor optimization is now.