Leveraging Strategic Planning at Your Healthcare System: How hospitals are planning for the future, even when the industry shifts

Healthcare is one of the fastest-changing industries in the U.S.—with new policies, technologies, and even competition shifting how providers plan for the future. In this whitepaper, learn about how healthcare organizations like yours can leverage a strategic plan to bring goal-setting to your financial planning for the present and the future. Read about how strategic planning can help your organization better determine expansion in new locations, access points, and services, to plan for growth and move forward with a more agile approach to planning.

From this whitepaper, readers will learn:

  • What strategic planning is and how best to integrate it with your financial plan
  • How to leverage each part of your organization to help ensure holistic success, today and in the future
  • How to create a strategic plan, using specific financial goals to optimize your growth


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