Leveraging telepsychiatry in the ED to reduce response time and cost

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Mental illness and substance use disorders are responsible for 1 in 8 emergency department (ED) visits in the United States, yet most EDs do not have the staffing or expertise to properly assess and triage patients with acute behavioral health needs. During this webinar, you’ll hear how two healthcare organizations leveraged telepsychiatry to decrease patient wait times and unnecessary inpatient admissions.

Watch the webinar to learn how: 

  • Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital launched and then expanded its telepsychiatry program to include 24/7 ED care, how this resulted in a significant decrease in response times and costs, and an increase in patient satisfaction.
  • Dignity Health implemented a virtual care program for acute behavioral health in its EDs to ensure that patients are seen within 60 minutes, receive actionable recommendations within 90 minutes, and that local providers have the ability to create ED disposition plans within 4 hours.