Making healthcare more connected + more human

In the healthcare industry, the problem of employee burnout has been a major challenge for years. Addressing this challenge has only become more urgent amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The boom of systems and technology has helped the healthcare industry improve efficiency but also has been a major contributor to provider stress and exhaustion. Siloed information systems and limited connectivity mean clinicians have become human data routers, searching for
relevant information to conduct their work and manually moving information from one system to another.

Download this white paper to learn about initiatives at Olive, the automation company:
  • Olive is creating the Internet of Healthcare to connect disjointed systems, reduce administrative burden and unleash $1 trillion in healthcare costs.
  • Olive is providing health systems with state-of-the-art automation technology, growing its partner network to further connected solutions and investing in the enhancement of interoperability and intelligence.
  • The platform provides leaders at health systems and hospitals with critical tools and capabilities to realize their success, including automations, services, APIs, intelligence through an extensive graph database, semantic interoperability and many more.
  • The platform provides healthcare technology partners with tools to accelerate build times while reducing the cost of customer acquisition and increasing speed to market.

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